Benefits Of A New Labor Movement : Walmart And Other Large Scale Retailers

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Due to the large competition from the e-commerce retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and other large scale retailers are pushing for competitive prices and efficient delivery practices meant to attract more customers and increase their profit margins. Although this may seem like a benefit for consumers, this increased competitiveness has led to an ever increasing race to the bottom that has given the retailers immeasurable power over the labor force. This further opens up the opportunity for labor exploitation abroad, and because of this the labor force, both domestically and abroad, are in a position of weakness that has been seen time and again in the history of labor. In the past, the workers have only prevailed when they have come…show more content…
For years Walmart dominated in what Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital says is the key to successful retailing: price, selection and convenience (Stewart). Now it seems that Amazon has surpassed Walmart in every single category. Through the combination of its large warehouses, listing the inventory of other small retailers on their website and two day shipping for their Prime members, Amazon is leading the way in customer satisfaction (Stewart). It is to the point where even Walmart’s chief executive Doug McMillon said, “Retail history is very clear. Those that are unwilling or unable to change go away” (Stewart). The fact of the matter is that Walmart is feeling the pressure of competition and is willing to do anything to please its stockholders and retain investment. This indicates that Walmart is willing to work with a cheaper supplier for many of its products, even if that means putting worker’s rights second. Walmart is notorious for using its power to “persuade” their manufacturers to give them the best price possible. This means that although endangering the lives of the manufacturing workers is not Walmart’s main goal, it is a symptom of being the “most competitive” retailer. This rising competitive pressure forces Walmart 's one track mind to neglect its responsibilities as an ethical company.
The next question that must be answered pertains to the actual ways that Walmart is endangering
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