Benefits Of A New Zealand

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Auckland is starting to increase rapidly and is becoming highly populated. Recently in Auckland, they have decided to use more land so that they can build more housing Nick Smith a New Zealand house minister states that the land that they will be using for development and sale includes agricultural land “that is held by tertiary institutions, health boards and the defence force.” The New Zealand government has to use more land this is because house prices are becoming ridiculously expensive as there is a higher demand, which makes it almost impossible for the average New Zealander to buy a house of their own in Auckland. If the population increases even more which has the potential to due to genetic engineering the government will have to utilize even more productive, agricultural land to be able to accommodate for the entire population. This could mean that the house prices will be exceedingly expensive and simultaneously the property taxes will also increase making it harder and more competitive for those who want to buy or rent a house. This will have an effect on the middle to lower classes of society as the wealthy will be super humans and due to their intelligence and other talents they will most likely have higher paying jobs than the ones that aren’t super humans so they will most likely have an even better chance of buying or renting a house. Food will also be exceedingly expensive as there will be a much higher demand for
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