Benefits Of A Portable Biodegradable Potty Essay

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The most likely and most accessible place for users within the healthcare industry of our team’s product, a portable biodegradable potty, are hospitals and nursing homes. Given that our team is located in Buffalo, New York, institutions in that area are whom we are looking to target initially with a possible expansion to the rest of the state in the near future. According to the USNews Health website, there are 14 hospitals and 50 nursing homes in the Buffalo metropolitan area.17,18 Most nursing home residents struggle with bowel management and as a result, the nursing homes are expected to have a consistent and reliable need for a portable potty.19 In hospitals, the need for a portable potty is just as necessary. Many are rendered temporarily incapacitated after surgeries or surgical-like procedures. This set of people, the residents in the nursing homes and most of the patients in hospitals, are our intended end users.
To effectively find a way to become a preferred manufacturer and supplier in the area, we will need to raise awareness about the product to the nurses, doctors and other important staff in the hospitals and nursing homes. These people wield a huge amount influence over what will be purchased for the end users and how the facility administrators will view our product, the portable biodegradable potty. The final decisions to order and start using our portable potty hinges upon their perception of the product financially and logistically. Our
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