Benefits Of A Registered Nurse

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Someone who saves a life is looked at as a hero, but the real heroes are the Registered Nurses of the world, who save hundreds of lives every year. A registered nurse (RN) is “a nurse who has more training and experience than a licensed practical nurse and who has passed a special exam” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). They provide patient care, educate patients and the public, and provide advice and support to patients and family members (Occupational Outlook Handbook “What They Do” Nursing is a very rewarding job. They help take care of sick or injured patients, making sure that they receive the best treatment. RNs can make a difference in a patient’s life, and in some cases even save them. This profession is important because nurses hold the health of society in their hands, which keeps families and communities together. According to the National Women’s History Museum women were born nurses. Caring for someone is a natural instinct, therefore it never started out as a job stated by historians at the National Women’s History Museum. They state “As caretakers of children, family and community, it was natural that women were the nurses, the caregivers, as human society evolved.”(Weatherford). While the men worked, women would be left home with the children. They would take care of young and sick children and would help other women with their children as well. Doris Weatherford explains that nurses were rarely paid until some of the biggest wars, like the Civil
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