Benefits Of A Small Business Essay

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For centuries, people have taken pleasure in creating plush, green, shaded gardens. Today, over one million people work in the grounds maintenance industry which creates and beautiful landscapes. Among the thousands of workers and businesses that comprise the lawn care industry, two groups exist: large and small companies. Greatly profitable enterprises, as a result of their successful business strategies, customarily invest profits in the company to increase employment and diversify the selection of offered services. Consequently, as the company’s aptitude to service a larger clientele increases, the company will expand and thus increase annual revenue allowing the cycle of growth to continue. Smaller businesses, contrarily, usually do not end operating seasons with enough financial resources to invest in equipment and personnel. Accordingly, the breadth of a small business’s service does not significantly expand from year to year. Over time, however, smaller businesses develop and expand. When smaller companies lack the employees to accomplish newly assumed responsibilities, I find work. Throughout the year, a local business, which manages several lawn care accounts without a lawn care division, outsources several lawn care jobs to me. With the help of this research, I hope to improve my service, increase efficiency, and learn methods of managing and creating service accounts to convince the small business owner of my competency to manage all of the proprietors lawn
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