Benefits Of A Solid Education

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A solid education is a permanent foundation that can carry an individual through life. The necessities expected from the workforce are often developed and shaped during an individual’s collegiate years. However, with the growing demand of education, the price is furthermore higher. Experts argue that many contributors have also impacted tuition costs; for example, state funding has been cut in order to support new initiatives, like energy and healthcare (Kantrowitz, 2012). In addition, blame has been placed on scholarship spending. H.E. Riggs argues that the overall spending toward merit students as skyrocketed fees for the entire population. Meanwhile Greg Forster believes that disregard toward adequate merit spending as led to the hike. Many individuals, then, call into question the effectiveness that supports financial aid all together. A debate has formed over the use of merit-based awards versus need-based awards. Merit-based awards are scholarships that are based primarily on academic integrity and involvement within a student’s school and community. On the other hand, need-based awards focus on providing awards for students from low-income backgrounds. Both of these types of scholarships have provided great use to a wide range of college students over the past decades, even though merit-based financial awards have been applied more heavily than need-based money (“Should More,” 2012). Furthermore, merit-based financial awards should be given priority to…
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