Benefits Of A Successful Business

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In order to have a successful business, businesses need to find a way to keep employees motivated to do their jobs and increase work satisfaction. This is undeniably crucial for a business to continue to be profitable. Some solutions to this problem are incentives, having a good work environment, and showing appreciation.
When employees perform poorly by not doing their job or not doing their job well, it reflects negatively on the business. Customers who are not satisfied, may complain and may not return. Customers can also discourage others from going to that particular establishment by telling their friends about their terrible experience. The business then loses money from that customer and that customers friends who now do business with the competition. That business may now have a “bad reputation” that started from that one customer’s negative experience (Deeb).
By keeping employees pleased and excited at their jobs, they tend to perform better than those employees who are not please at their job. In an article written by John Waggoner, he wrote, “If a company treats its employees well, the business should prosper….” So in other words, the business makes money if the employees are pleased. Employees who are given incentive tend to perform better at their jobs than people who do not receive incentive. Google is an example of a company that is highly successful and is known for having generous benefits for their employees to par take. The stock at Google has climbed…
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