Benefits Of A Successful Sales Manager

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In sales, a manager should provide their sales team with incentives to strive and succeed for themselves and the company. Majority of sales leaders choose promoting their best salesperson to a manager position as an incentive to encourage their sales team to increase sales and customer relations, but is this an efficient technique? Typically, this may be effective for sales; however, it is not an efficient plan of action. Promoting from within has many benefits, but to assume that a successful sales person will provide a successful manager is a misconception from the belief that the two jobs entitle the same work and actions. “The characteristics of a good salesperson are money motivated, large ego, and a bit selfish. These are the opposite of what a sales manager should be,” says Greta Schulz, founder and CEO of Schulz Sales Consulting. In “Think Twice Before Promoting Your Best Salesperson,” authors Andris A. Zoltners, P.K. Sinha, and Sally E. Lorimer explains, in detail, the main differences between the two job titles. What it takes to succeed in sales is different from what it takes to succeed in management. Salespeople succeed when they meet customer needs while achieving the company’s financial goals for their territories. Sales managers also succeed by meeting customer needs and achieving objectives linked to company goals, but the manager is not the hunter, playmaker, or center of action. Managers only contribute to customer and company success when their team of
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