Benefits Of A Uniformed School Day

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A Uniformed School Day Uniforms have been a key element in promoting a successful, safe and unified establishment. Those successful establishments could possibly include a private high school, a sporting team, or even a business. Typically, private schools enforce the policy that a uniform most be worn by all enrolled students. But why hasn’t the majority of traditional public schools, developed uniform policies? Benefits of uniforms within schools may include, students feeling more professional and successful. In addition, educators and experts believe uniforms have a resounding impact on how students act in the classroom. While wearing uniforms, students pay more attention to learning rather than trendy clothing (Kouzmine). These…show more content…
Uniform policies should begin to be mandatory for junior high students through the end of the high school tenure. A traditional school uniform may include, “White button-down shirts and ties for boys, pleated skirts for girls and blazers adorned with the school logo for all. Another school may simply require that all shirts have collars” (Wilde). This simple and built to last outfit can help students stay focused on education rather than worrying about their clothing choices. Politician and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, believes introducing school uniforms is a productive way to implement the focus on learning and limit the attention on what the students are wearing (“Should Students-”). With uniforms, discipline is put into place as fewer debates occur between parents and children regarding what the child will be wearing to school (Kouzmine). School uniforms are not just easier for parents, the uniforms also make mornings easier for students. Along with reducing arguments and stress, school uniforms encourage unity in the halls while providing discipline.
Uniforms in schools could help make the school a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Unfortunately, hazing is a major problem among students in schools. A large sum of bullying would be decreased if all students wore a similar outfit to school each day. Research conducted by the
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