Benefits Of A Web Based Business Strategy

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Benefits of a Web-Based Business Strategy
IKEA is an international company that sells and designs furniture that are ready to assemble like desks, beds and chairs, home accessories and small motor vehicles. Advancement and improvement of technology as made IKEA to see the need of performing business using online platforms. Web based business enables business to increase revenue and sales volume by reaching more customers. Web-based business includes provision of products through a website or an online platform (Rich 2006, p. 9).
One of the benefits enjoyed by organizations carrying out web based is potential customer’s base. Availability of internet has enabled individual and business to market or interact with customer globally. The organization carrying out web based business does not have to sale products locally but they can serve customer across the globe. Online business will enable IKEA to attract customer in different countries across the world. It is not necessary for the customer to visit the store in order to purchase, but they can shop online. The flexibility makes online business to attract more customers since it reaches more audience at the same time (Rich 2006, p. 11). Another advantage is the store remains opened all the time. Web based business are not closed and customer can purchase the product any day at any time. The customer can also purchase their products during night time while the physical stores are opened. When physical store close, customer can
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