Benefits Of Abusing Medical Assisted Treatment

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Abusing Medical Assisted Treatment
Everyday more and more treatment options and medications are being used to help to combat the world of drug abuse and addiction. According to the CDC about 980,000 people in the United States are abusing some form of opiates, weather it is pills or heroin. One of the newer trends of treatment that is now being used and growing rapidly is Medical Assisted Treatment (MEDICAL ASSISTED TREATMENT). As with any treatment or medication therapy there are the medical benefits and also the medical downsides. Medical Assisted Treatment was intended to help prevent people from continuing their drug abuse, but is now not only helping people but is also turning into an abused drug itself. ‘
There is something called a
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The theory behind Medical Assisted Treatment is that it will help a person all around mentally and physically and not just focus on one general area or treatment or care. It is to help a person not have cravings and be able to sustain from using, but also change their behavior thru therapy and understand their abuse and what they need to change. According to Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network, the research that has been conducted has resulted in the finding that when a person is being treated for drug abuse or addiction in general the use of therapy and medication is what allows a person to be able to fight their addiction and sustain sobriety
When a person is on a medication for the substance abuse that medication tricks or occupies the brain into thinking that that person is still in a way using and getting the opioid. This in turn will give that person the ability to have their withdraws controlled and is said to reduce craving and depending on the drug can actually block the receptors in the body and make it so that a person cannot feel the effects of getting high.
There are many drugs that are used to assist with this treatment model. Some of the most common drugs used are Buprenorphine, Methadone, Naltrexone. Methadone and buprenorphine are very similar and work generally the same. They both will make the brain think that the brain is getting the opioid and in turn not causing the negative side effects of a person or
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