Benefits Of Abusing Medical Assisted Treatment

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Abusing Medical Assisted Treatment
Everyday more and more treatment options and medications are being used to help to combat the world of drug abuse and addiction. According to the CDC about 980,000 people in the United States are abusing some form of opiates, weather it is pills or heroin. One of the newer trends of treatment that is now being used and growing rapidly is Medical Assisted Treatment (MEDICAL ASSISTED TREATMENT). As with any treatment or medication therapy there are the medical benefits and also the medical downsides. Medical Assisted Treatment was intended to help prevent people from continuing their drug abuse, but is now not only helping people but is also turning into an abused drug itself. ‘
There is something called a Biopsychosocial System Model of Addiction that is used. This model says that the biological, psychological and systeMedical Assisted Treatmentic portions of person are combined and are what makes up a person heath and illnesses and why they are using and how to treat a person effectively. It looks at a person as a whole. It also examines the relationships a person has with other and how they deal and adjust to things. It looks at the brain and thinking patterns. (Engel 1977) The interesting thing about this theory is that they do not look at a addicts behavior as a person being able to control it or not control it, they look at as to what degree can a person make a choice.
Medical Assisted Treatment is when a medication is being used and…
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