Benefits Of Adopting An Erp System

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Benefits of Adopting an ERP System
Eric Kitts
Liberty University Abstract
Changes occur on a daily basis in the world of accounting information systems (AIS). Few things have experienced as many changes as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in the past decade. Companies operating an ERP are seeing benefits such as productivity increasing and overhead costs decreasing. This research is geared towards informing readers of the benefits of adopting an ERP system. This paper will define what an ERP is, list some of the benefits of implementing an ERP, analyze what size companies can benefit from the systems, and analyze how ERP’s have influenced AIS. I hope to provide useful information to readers that helps them to propel their businesses forward and maximize profitability. There has been a lot of research on the topic of ERP’s and their benefits, and I hope to contribute a productive analysis on the subject. Keywords: Accounting Information Systems (AIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Accounting software has soared to new heights over the past couple of decades, and the trend still continues today. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have been adopted by many companies since their development in the 1970’s to incorporate an accounting system that allows numerous operations to be performed, collect and store data from multiple divisions within the company, and distribute various reports to the proper
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