Benefits Of Airline Innovation At The Airports

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There was a day not too long ago when seatback TVs on planes looked space-aged, the concept of a call from 30,000 feet seemed impossible, and the idea of wifi let alone on a plane was completely out of the question. Today you take those things for granted. You even complain about them if they don 't work.
Airline innovation has come a long way and companies now have a new tech savvy consumer to please. Experts are busy figuring out how to do just that. Many from internationally renowned design firms to NASA scientists have a hand in trying to turn big ideas into future plans. Traditionally most airports and their airline customers offered a common set of services and facilities in trying to serve passengers with different expectations with very little segmentation taking place at the airports. The most notable differentiation was separate check in for economy and business class passengers and remote stands rather than air bridges for passengers travelling on charter airlines.

Airlines and passengers have not generally been in the position to unbundle the overall package of airport services and only pay for what they want. However the emergence of the low cost carrier industry has created new challenges for airports in this area and is causing a number of airports to consider splitting up their services and to offer a differentiated product to different airline types. This is because low cost carriers have very different needs from the conventional carriers to ensure that

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