Benefits Of Alternative Medicines For Cancer Patients

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In 2016, there will be an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases diagnosed according to the American Cancer Society. That is roughly 1 in every 190 Americans who do not have cancer already. In 2014 the American Cancer Society estimated that Americans spent $88.7 billion dollars on cancer treatments. If there are so many cancer patients and so much money spent then why are patients not getting the best treatment for their cancer? In 2014 I was very close with a family who contributed to that estimated $88.7 billion and for treatments that did not work. Not all patients are equal and so not all treatments should be. Alternative medicines are being found to be the most effective treatment for some patients. In 2014 I lost my closest friend and boyfriend to cancer. In his last months, he was using alternative treatments and herbal medicine. These treatments had the best possible results for him. He was able to eat normally and function without the stifling side effects of the old chemo treatments. By the time he had started the new treatment his cancer had unfortunately, progressed beyond recovery. However the new medicine gave him almost two more months than what doctors thought he would have. Having that time to make more memories, to just be with him and his family was amazing! Other families deserve this option and not watching their loved one wither away due to chemicals. Patients who have been educated by their oncologist will be able to make an informed decision about
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