Benefits Of An English Teacher

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OBJECTIVES AND MOTIVATIONS “If you become someone famous like a president, or someone important, I would be proud to say that I was your teacher, and I taught you how to read and write”. -Ms. Nora. (My elementary school first-grade teacher) What she said changed the life of a six-year-old little girl, my life. That was the moment when I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to have the same impact on people, and two years later after my first English class in life I decided to become an English teacher. English classes were expensive and my family economy was Mechanic, Aquaculture, or good to pay them, when I was in High School I got a scholarship and my dad talked to me and said: “If you really want to study English, we can use the money of your scholarship and I can pay the rest of the fee in an English School; but only if you are really sure that you want to be an English teacher”. Of course, I accepted, there was nothing to think. A few months ago a student asked me: “Teacher, why are the English teachers always smiling?” - He then jokingly added that he must change his college major to be a teacher in order to be happy like us. That made me think about my profession, I had never realized that before! It was Monday and usually, people do Mechanic, Aquaculture,…show more content…
I do not want to be just a good teacher, I want to be a great one and I will work for that. In conclusion, If I were given the grant, the beneficiary would not be just me, but also my students, colleagues, and people around me with whom I could share my experience and everything I could learn. Maybe, I will not change the life and future of my students, but I know education can I will be part of that. I will never forget that I was a student once and I do not want to disappoint that little six-year-old girl who dreamed of becoming a teacher 18 years
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