Benefits Of An Office Assistant

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Introduction Tim M. and Timboon F. (2016)., Observed that change is truly in the present business environment and, if done well, it can assist grow the business. Employees today can see change as an opportunity rather than a threat. When one changes their staff duties, they need to be conscious of what they can be considered a reasonable change in the scope of their position and what they constitute a termination or redundancy if challenged. Reasonable changes are those that generally do not alter the essential position. Below are some examples of the unfair and fair job changes:- • An administrative staff member who is inquired to undertake lunch coverage of the reception duties or learn current system could be taken to fall within the scope of an Office Assistant. • Moving the same Office Assistant into a role which contains basic of food and beverage service could constitute a redundancy situation. Implementing important changes to an employee’s duties may have risks, basically occurring when an employee claims. The risks may include: 1) Their position is redundant. 2) They have been efficiently and effectively dismissed unfairly. 3) They have been unfavorably treated because of a protected attribute. Becoming an Auditor Types of Auditors and Audits When it comes to auditor there is no one specific type. There are external auditors, internal auditors, government auditors, forensic auditors, public auditors, and information technology auditors. Each of the auditors has
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