Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence Technology

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1 INTRODUCTION It is undeniably correct that our lives have been largely managed by the recent technological advancements. Machines control most of our works and actions. Artificial intelligence technology is used both in private use and industrial use for years. These machines have high levels of autonomy, intelligence and inter-connectivity. But many people around the world suffer from the injuries caused by the machines and many seek claims of damages as well as redressal from the legal systems. The negligence caused by the AI leads to infringement of the rights of the victims and they are sufficiently entitled for claims of damages and compensation. The issue of tort liability of the robots and whether the current liability provides…show more content…
3 RULE OF LAW 3.1 Tort A wrongful act or omission for which damages can be obtained in a civil court by the person wronged, other than a wrong that is only a breach of contract. The law of tort is mainly concerned with providing compensation for personal injury and property damage caused by negligence. 3.2 Negligence Carelessness amounting to culpable breach of a duty: failure to do something that a reasonable man would do, or doing something that a reasonable man would not do. In cases of professional negligence, involving someone with a special skill, that person is expected to show the skill of an average member of his profession. 3.3 Strict Liability Liability for a wrong that is imposed without the claimant having to prove that the defendant was at fault. It is no defence in these torts that the defendant took reasonable care to prevent damage, but various other defences are admitted. 3.4 Vicarious Liability Legal Liability imposed on one person for torts or crimes committed by another (usually an employee but sometimes an independent contractor or agent), although the person made vicariously liable is not personally at fault. An employer is vicariously liable for torts committed by his employees when he has authorized or ratified them or when the tort was committed during the employees ' work. respondeat superior 3.5 Damages A sum of money awarded by a court as compensation for a tort or a breach of contract. Damages are usually a lump-sum award. The
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