Benefits Of Attending A Community College

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When I thought about my future and where I 'll be going, I thought I would be attending a university like all of my friends in high-school. I never thought I would be attending a community college. I really hated the idea of community college. I thought it was for people who had low ACT score or people who didn 't really try as hard as others in school. I always tried hard in school even when things got hard I still tried my best. I never thought it would be for me until I saw the benefits of attending a community college. I attend a two year college because I felt like I had a better opportunity to talk to my professor , also to better myself improving my knowledge by stepping out of my comfort zone. I like to think of myself as a stick to the routine type of person. I don’t like monumental changes. When I was in high school I use to come in the class sit down, and write note to the end. When I stepped out of class I still always had a question to be answered. In 11 grade reading class there would be times that I would be so lost that I would just put my head down and wait until class end and I would walk out with frustration because if I raised my hand , to ask a question I thought some one might laugh at my question and I would feel embarrassed. Towards my senior year in high school I learned how to over come my fear of facing the real world and asking all the question I need to help me succeed through out life. I attended Minneapolis Community and Technical
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