Benefits Of Attending College After High School

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Kaitlyn Michalec Professor Tix ENGL 1302- MWF 8:00 AM 29 April 2016 Benefits of Attending College After High School There are many benefits for students choosing college as their first step in your future after high school. Earning a college degree is an important step, both personally and professionally (Hussung, 2015). Having a higher education is valuable to an individual, families, and the community as well. Students who obtain a college education often have higher lifetime earnings and experience a variety of other benefits (“How Important”). People who lack educational degrees will more likely be limited to basic jobs in service, manufacturing, and construction industries (“How Important”). On the other hand, employees with a high school education may secure jobs with good benefits; college graduates typically fare better, entering higher-level careers with greater salaries (“How Important”). College graduates are also more likely to receive promotions, earn raises and develop reasoning and communication skills that can be applied to their jobs (“How Important”). Obtaining a college education leads to a better quality of life overall. College offers a “Learning How to Learn” concept. Many employers prefer college graduates because degree holders tend to understand and appreciate the learning process (“Ten Reasons”). Whenever you start a new job, you take on new responsibilities in an unfamiliar environment (“Ten Reasons”). In many ways, there is a correlation

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