Benefits Of Attending College Essay

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College Benefits Have you ever thought about going to college? Many people don´t think about going to college at all. But those same people are the ones that end up in a bad place or spot. In other words they may stay without a job or suffering to look for one while others go to college and have many benefits in life. My opinion on college is that it is a successful place because it gives you lots of benefits.
One might think that college is a waste of time, however in my eyes college gives you many benefits. According to the article ¨Middle school ,why College ¨ discusses why people should attend college and why it is a benefit. After high school getting an education is still very important because now in days most jobs require more than a high school diploma. ¨ Businesses want to hire people who know how to think and solve problems¨. College grads earn way more money than the ones who just stop their education after high school or even the people who drop out. According to the article ¨
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Going to college gives you more opportunities than the people who decided not to go to college. College grads earn twice as much as the ones who just graduate from high school. As you can see keeping your grades up is a good thing. I understand when people say college is too expensive, but there are ways for it to be less expensive or even get paid for. It may be less expensive if you keep your grades up in school. That way it will be easier to get a scholarship. A scholarship is basically an award of financial aid that people could get to further their education. In other words the scholarship helps you get into a college easily. As you can see college does not always have to be expensive. Overall college is not a waste of time. Instead college helps you out a lot because it gives you so much benefits in life unlike other people who do not go to college and not have as much
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