Benefits Of Attending Preschool Before Kindergarten

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Tiana Benton
Benefits of Attending Preschool before Kindergarten Preschool is the period of time before a child enters elementary school. The importance of preschool and whether or not it is necessary before starting kindergarten has been debated. From firsthand experience I have been able to see students who have attended preschool, and who have not. The differences between these two types of students are astonishing. Preschool can give a child a number of benefits, such as social skills with peers, academic advantages, cognitive skills and more. As of 2012, 61% of children in the United States have a structured and regular childcare arrangement. From research done, kids who attended preschool are less likely to need government assistance, drop out of high school, and commit a felony (Why All Kids Should Go to Preschool). Kids who do go to preschool are more likely to go to college and own their own homes. In fact, preschool enrollment is highest in children with mothers with bachelor’s degrees or higher. Academically, preschool gives children a head start before they enter kindergarten. Preschool can commence a child on the path to success in school. In preschool children are introduced to behaviors essential to function in a typical classroom setting. Skills such as learning to focus their attention, listen to others who are speaking, and waiting their turn to talk. In preschool kids learn the basics, like the alphabet, numbers, colors and days of the week. By the time
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