Benefits Of Attending Three Support Meetings

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Introduction Recently I had the unique opportunity of attending three support group meetings. I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and a Nar Anon meeting. Two of the meetings were open and one was closed. Please note that an open meeting is a meeting where the general public is allowed to attend and a closed meeting is designated for a specific group of people. This paper will explore my feelings and experiences during this experience. Demographic The first meeting I attended was a closed NA meeting. It was held at a facility called the Conroe Club. This is a facility where different types of support group meetings are held throughout the day at varying times. Some of the meetings hosted at Conroe Club are NA, AA, Al Anon, and Co-Dependents Anonymous. The Club was a large trailer type building that was not in the best condition. As I walked into the building I noticed that many of the people outside smoking were much older than I was and were Caucasian. Upon entering the building I was greeted by several people who welcomed me and introduced themselves. I approached a middle aged Caucasian woman at a Dutch door who was selling snacks and drinks. I informed her that I was there to observe meetings for a school assignment. I told her what degree I was pursuing and what University I attended. She informed me that she thought it was awesome what I was doing however all of the six o’clock meetings were closed. She then instructed me to come back
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