Benefits Of Being A Dietitian

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I am applying for this dietetics course because I am very interested in becoming a dietitian, and have done some thorough research. This interest has been enhanced through work experience with a dietitian in a hospital. I worked with different age groups such as the elderly and children, although I mostly worked with the elderly. I love to work with different people and I also love meet new people from different backgrounds which is the best part of my voluntary work. When working at the hospital I had training to deal with elderly patients who found it difficult to swallow their food. This training was necessary as I had to learn how to feed elderly people who had difficulty to swallow their food. The skills I learned from this were having patience while feeding…show more content…
Furthermore I understand there are challenges within this career but I am always up and ready to take these on. I have acknowledged that in many countries the leading obesity rates are high, and sometimes due to increase rates of diseases, in particular type 2 diabetes. I also know that high cholesterol leads to life threatening conditions such as, coronary heart disease, some types of cancer like breast and bowel cancer, and that the dietitian plays a vital role across the society to help people with these health problems. I am determined to follow this career path and successfully complete this course and work as a dietitian in the NHS. I want to also work with people who have less knowledge of a healthy lifestyle or people living with low income to improve their lifestyle. I have always found subjects like science and food related subjects very interesting. I always research to increase my knowledge further and to keep up to date by looking at the dietitian websites, such as British Dietetic
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