Benefits Of Being A Good Job

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As a 35 year old woman I have struggled a lot with finances. Being head of the household and single mother of three boys it is not an easy task. I always thought that having a good job was the answer o everything. Recently this year in 2014 I lost my job of fourteen years where I used to make more than sixty thousand dollars a year. I previously thought that was good money. Until I lost my job. I was living for a couple of months out of my 401k but one that money is done then what. After only five months or maybe less my 401k money was gone and I yet still did not find a job. I then realized if only somebody had educated me how to manage money and be financially knowledgeable I could not only have managed that money better but I also could have made better financial decisions and I sure could have had other methods of financial income other than just my 401k. That’s one I thought to myself “if only financial education could have been educated to me when I was in high school”. I do not remember ever receiving financial education except for in math class and the teacher would teach us how to count using money and maybe they mentioned once or twice how to do accounting. I do also hear some friends stated that they were educated in economics on how to write a check and balance a checking account. As I was experiencing my own financial difficulties I would hear the news on America has been struggling on getting out of the recession that started in 2007. I related to not only my
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