Benefits Of Being A Nurse

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What are the Benefits of Being a Nurse?

Pursuing nursing can lead to a fulfilling, life-long occupation with limitless possibilities and the settling comfort of job security. The healthcare field is the fastest, most progressing job market in the world because it is inevitable to escape disease/illness completely, however medical advances have extended life expectancies allowing the population to primarily consist of elderly people, consequently those with a R.N. or B.S.N. license are continually needed. On-camera contributor for USA Today John Moyer illustrates the desperation of healthcare companies. “In the next decade, the need for nurses will grow and those with degrees and experience will be in high demand. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor predict that by the year 2022, 526,800 jobs will be created, a 19.4 percent increase” (A Day in the Life, par.3).
Acquiring the necessary education to complete the requirements to work as a licensed nurse can be obtained in various ways. Currently there are numerous institutions offering a great start to a continual career, including: state or community colleges, technical schools and present places of employment. A LPN license is achievable with proper instruction in one year on a full-time basis and can be concluded in two years if it is more convenient for a student to participate in classes part-time. Upon graduation there is an eighteen month bridge program that can help attain the classes necessary to transfer into a…
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