Benefits Of Being A Nursing Home

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My grandmother is in a nursing home also my grandfather was in the same nursing, but a different company owned it when my grandpa was there. I was three years old when my grandpa was there and now grandmas there twenty seven years later. Nursing homes have changed a lot in twenty seven years. There are a lot of restrictions; Medicare and Medicare are very involved in the treatment of the residents. Social services involve the family in the treatment and well-being of each resident. Nursing facilities have three types of services, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and long term care. Skilled nursing is for some sort of medical problem, rehabilitation is for patients, that need care because of injury, mostly, illness like pneumonia and long term care which is for residents that need constant care due to physical conditions or mental problems but usually it’s due to old age and having no one that can physically care for them. A lot of family members try to keep their parent or wife or husband at home, but it gets physically impossible as the family member also ages and can no longer take care of them. There are more restrictions because of Medicare and Medicaid. However the nursing home when grandpa was here as changed. I remember going down the hall and an older lady would ask my mom to take her home with us these days of patients sitting in the hall is no longer. There were more people in the nursing home, then, now there is a lot of empty room. The north part of the nursing

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