Benefits Of Being A Veterinarian

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Being able to save an animal in near death situations is one of the best feelings. A veterinarian helps animals get better. Veterinarians take care of animals for as long as they need until they get better. Since veterinarians involve health the career falls under health science. I chose this career because the pay is more than enough to support a family and have enough for bills and fun. I also chose to be a veterinarian because I have always wanted to help and take care of animals. Making animals feel better is all I have wanted to do since I was at a young age. After researching the work environment, education and training, important qualities, and salary and outlook, I noticed that I want to work as a veterinarian.

Work Environment
There are so many easy and hard duties for being a veterinarian. Veterinarians have to examine animals to diagnose their health problems. Which mean veterinarians have to use x-ray machines or take blood tests and get the results back to find out what is wrong. After they find out what is wrong the veterinarian has to diagnose the animal with the problem. I think that would be easy for me because I like working with animals. Another duty a veterinarian has to do is perform surgery on animals. This means if the animal is sick or has something in its stomach then I would have to open the animal 's stomach and get the thing out. Which that means I would be preforming surgery. I sometimes get a little queasy with blood but if surgery would…
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