Benefits Of Being An Event Volunteer

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Throughout the academic year, I have continued to work for SJA as an event volunteer. Unlike last year, where I was an observer first aider, I am now assigned as a fully qualified first aider. This meant that I had more responsibilities, such as performing radio checks correctly, filling in paperwork. In addition, I have also been assigned as the team leader for a particular stand. This meant that I was in charge of delivering treatment, as well as performing radio checks, and prioritising everyone’s safety. Transferable skills I have gained: 1) Teamwork- This is arguably the most important skill I have learnt. One example where I have applied this skill, was during the match between Huddersfield and Reading. Towards the end of the match,…show more content…
This is because I now have experience as a qualified first aider, and therefore have to fill in more paperwork, as well as provide more treatment (for minor injuries), and/or transport the casualty to the treatment room (for more major injuries). These transferrable skills will help me throughout my placements with nursing. This is because I have clinical experience, as well as experience working with a team, and communicating effectively. Healthcare revolves around working in a team, and without it wouldn’t be possible to deliver effective care to patients. I hope to continue working as a SJA first aider, and with further experience become an advanced first aider. Ward Housekeeper at LGI: In the same case with SJA, I continued working as a ward housekeeper for vascular patients at Leeds General Infirmary till the beginning of March this year. I catered and cleaned for patients, as well as assisted clinical support members with feeding patients. The reason why I left my job as a Ward Housekeeper was because I wanted a job that was involved in personal care. The skills and experience that I gained through this role will help me to be able to provide specialised care for demented patients to the best of my ability. Transferable Skills I’ve gained: 1) Time management: I was working on one of the largest and busiest wards of LGI. For this reason I had to plan my day accordingly and have a plan
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