Benefits Of Being New College Students

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The idea that our team believes would be beneficiary to the university is investing in a meal plan that is affordable for students and accessible to more restaurants surrounding campus. In the past few years, the meal plans offered at ODU were costly along with unappealing. When a student chooses to live on-campus they are required to purchase a meal plan. That is, the students who choose to reside in an on-campus dormitory, and not on-campus apartments. The food options that are offered on-campus includes 3 cafes, many Provisions on Demand (POD), and chain restaurants. Although, it may seem like a great deal of options, however, the food is not worth the travel or distasteful. Being new college students, it is challenging to get good nutritional food, especially when the junk food tastes a lot better. Week after week, eating at the cafe’s and chain restaurants gets tiring. Many of the surrounding restaurants do not accept student meal plans which once again, leaves students with dissatisfying food options. Students who choose to purchase a meal plan often times do not utilize their full meal swipes because of dissatisfaction of the options For example, when a student purchases a $4000 meal plan for the school year, the leftover meals that do not get used do not transfer over to the next school year. In the end, if a student does not utilize all their meal plan on mediocre food the money goes to the garbage. The dining services and any vendors that sell food or beverages
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