Benefits Of Being Top Notch Communication Channels

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It is apparent that technology has exceeded humanity; face –to-face is worryingly diminishing because of the emergence of social-media technologies. Over 90% of the people in the modern world use social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr amongst others as communication platforms. These technologies play a significant role in the lives of people to the extent that some do not consider living without them. Social media technologies have become known forms of social interaction across the globe. They offer the advantages of being top notch communication channels; however, they present some disadvantages. Face-to-face interaction is swiftly losing its meaning in the contemporary world, as a result. It is obvious that technology is altering the processes of human interactions, but this is not a good change. Humans are social beings, and communication enjoins people to a social environment. Communication refers to a social process or procedure in which people use symbols and, or signs to create and interpret some meaning within their environment. In essence, communication is a process through which people express themselves. In the light of that face to face, interaction refers to social communication process that is advanced without the use of any mediating media or technology. It is the reciprocal effect of people upon the actions of one when in the direct physical presence of another. With the emergence of modern communication technologies, a form of impersonal
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