Benefits Of Benefits For Being Unemployed

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Although unemployment is mainly known for creating disadvantages for both society and the government, however this is not the case as it also creates advantages for everyone. One advantage for being unemployed is, the person is eligible to apply for a wage supplement and unemployment insurance for up to 52 weeks which are both given by the government to assist the unemployed for period of time until they acquire new careers. By giving both of these valuable benefits to the unemployed, it would be like the unemployed would gain a large partial amount of their previous wage. Another advantage for being unemployed is that person experiencing unemployment would have more free time with his or her family. During that free time, unemployed families can go out to events and fun places to relax and have a good time together. As a result, this would create intimate happiness in the family and this would increase bonds in the family. Lastly, a person who is considered can start volunteering in the community since he or she does not have a daily career to go to. This is considered advantageous, because volunteering in a community would help boost a person’s chance of reclaiming another job in the future and increase social skills by meeting new people and forming friendships with them. Starting off with the disadvantages for an unemployed individual, being unemployed means that no sufficient income will be distributed. As a result, without a proper income given from a career, there…

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