Benefits Of Bipedalism

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Bipedalism is a habitual human characteristic and is, in fact, the primary form of transportation. Many theories circulate around the benefits of bipedalism over quadrupedalism that prompted early hominids to evolve into upright walking creatures. Some of these benefits included leaving our hands up to hold weapons, getting a better view of predators, using less energy to move around and sun ray making contact with mostly the top of our heads instead of our entire back. Another added bonus to walking bipedally was that it meant we would have to develop a bigger heart and set of lungs in order to get oxygen up to the brain. More oxygen to the brain meant the development a bigger brain, and with the development of a bigger brain, we also gained more complex thoughts.…show more content…
Although bipedalism has these many benefits it is also equipped with some disadvantages. If bipedalism is at the time of the hominid the only form of transportation, then if anything was to happen to either one of their legs, they had no way of getting away from predators or any way of gathering food, and they were pretty much left for dead. Also, they gave up speed and made themselves more noticeable to predators. Finally, the human baby is now born an estimated one year premature compared to other primates in order to hit through the
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