Benefits Of Borrowing Money While At The Same Time Should You Borrow

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When it comes to borrowing for higher education whether the funds come from family or student loans its always an issue of is there enough money for expenses while attending college. There are benefits of borrowing money while at the same time should you borrow. Students use loans for various reasons, but for some loans are just a financial burden. This article is researched on twelve students from a community college. All the students had taken out loans for school purposes as well as personal purposes, but in all reality for school purposes. Here we have studies done on different areas of borrowing such as the student’s guidance of information on loans before attending college. The students were asked how their experience was on getting information on the process of borrowing before proceeding on to college and most were left misguided are unsure because of the lack of information from school counselors or workshops. The way this article was written was a gathering of information and interviewing students who had taken out loans while attending a community college. There were various questions asked to the students that implied to loans. The questions were to find out there experience and background on loans. The main purpose of this article was to do a study on 12 community college students and understand the risk and rewards of using personal loans. The students were asked questions regarding loans while attending college. After the research study was done the

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