Benefits Of Breastfeeding On Infants And Children

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Benefits of Breastfeeding
Keyeonta Stewart
Webster University

This paper discusses the benefits breastfeeding has on infants and children. The hypothesis is that feeding breast milk to infants significantly improves their health and cognitive functioning. Research which supports this hypothesis is discussed in this paper. The paper will discuss the methods and results of each study. Two studies are about the positive effects that breast milk has on the brain and cognitive development. Another study is about the positive effects that breast milk has on infants health.

Benefits of Breastfeeding
Since the beginning of time women have breast fed their infants. Although modern science has developed infant formula, doctors and nurses still recommend women feed their infants breast milk. Breastfeeding increases bonding time between mother and baby and decreases cancer in women. It is hypothesized that breast milk significantly improves babies health and cognitive functioning. Breast feeding is frequently researched and there are multiple sources that cite its benefits. In a research article “Breastfeeding and early white matter development: A cross-sectional study” by Sean Deoni, Douglas Dean, Irene Piryatinsky, Jonathan ‘O Muircheartaigh, Nicole Waskiewicz, Katie Lehman, Michelle Han, and Holly Dirks (2013) two questions are addressed: Do breastfed infants grow up to have a higher IQ than formula-fed infants? Is the duration of
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