Benefits Of Building And Regain Employees ' Trust

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After 15 years of taking great pride in leading people, I fear these skills may no longer be required or valued. As globalization and advanced technology challenges the world as we know it, I can’t help but think I 've become a dinosaur. It’s disheartening to feel this way-that companies no longer care about their employees and only see them as expenses rather than assets. Building a strong team where people trust and respect each other seems to no longer be a priority or even a thought among managers. I say managers, because managing and leading people are two very different things. So the question is, will we be able to build or regain employees’ trust; is it even something companies care about anymore?
Employees come to work
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I wish I could dismiss this as a rare case, but the truth is that the longer I stay in this environment, the more this is becoming the norm. Dedicated colleagues who always gave a 110% are now telling their peers: I don’t know; we don’t do that anymore; I can’t help with that; and so on. Really what they are saying is- I’ve stopped caring. What’s more concerning is that this type of behavior is not unique to one company, it is widespread.
“Newspapers are riddled with stories of deceit and deception from leaders in both the commercial and government sectors” (Wilson, 2009, p. 12). The article raises the growing issue and challenges leaders face with disengaged employees and high turnover rates; and turnover isn’t cheap. For those concerned with the bottom line, it’s important to know that the cost of turnover is estimated to be equivalent to an entire year’s salary of the employee who left, not to mention the cost of lost productivity, absenteeism, and increased health costs. Wilson also indicated that research by Gallup and other organizations indicate employee disengagement is costing companies billions of dollars every year (as cited in Wilson, 2009). Average employee tenure is less than five years, and for millennials- less than three (Morgan, 2015).
Leigh Brenham wrote for the Center for Association Leadership that “to be recognized, praised, and

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