Benefits Of Building Information Modeling Essay

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5. Benefits of Building information modeling in Cost Estimation The cost estimation is the crucial section in the construction industry and estimation of cost is done depending on the number of labor, material, and the time conditions. The cost estimation is a time taking process and it seeks the participation of entire cost estimator group. • For estimating the cost, BIM produces rapid cost feedback throughout the lifecycle of the building. • The model has the ability which enables the construction companies to evaluate the project cost with in-depth and higher accuracy rates where it reduces the cost and the expenses required. • By taking the help from the engineer and the architect the BIM make the cost estimations accurate and easy when developing the digital form. • The BIM has the capability which carry out the pricing and the quantity take-offs for the cost-estimation and this is possible because it identifies the real material used in the construction process. Sattinen and Bradford stated that that BIM is compatible with estimating software like Innovaya composer, where the software converts the BIM files. It makes the files compatible with the estimation software like Timberline and the quantity data (Sattineni & Bradford, n.d). The Innovaya’s visual BIM and quantification products make the cost estimator to imagine entire building model in a 3D cost-oriented environment performs quantifications and finally adds up the construction data. According to Thurairajah
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