Benefits Of Canvas Prints

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Canvas Prints Turn Your Photos into Wall Art Want to showcase your work in a memorable way? Custom canvas prints give you the opportunity to feature your treasured photos and artwork just like the professionals. Need some ideas? Arrange them together in a collage to tell your story or praise your children artistic skills by displaying their artworks. Create an art gallery in your home or office with our line of rolled or stretched canvas prints. Unlike poster or oil painting, these wall art prints have an elegant appearance. Stretched canvas gives you the opportunity to decorate your walls with snapshots of the people and places in your life that have touched you most. Best of all, it's an affordable luxury! Ready to turn your…show more content…
Custom stretched canvas prints offer gallery quality results in three days or less. For novices and those who are not skilled in stretching canvas, this is the best option to ensure that your photo or artwork is given the look it deserves. Plus, they are more resistant to dust and damages. Our selection of stretched canvas prints can be ordered in any one of 18 sizes in either matte or gloss finish. We use a premium artist material that is skillfully wrapped on a 1.5" thick wood frame. Our custom stretched canvas can be ordered in one of three styles: Museum Wrap white - This style leaves a white border around the edges of the stretched canvas which is ideal for walls that are painted in any color other than white to create a dramatic contrast. None of the photo or artwork is lost with this stretching style. Museum Wrap black - Like the white border, Museum Wrap with a black border retains the entire image of the printed piece. The black border is exceptionally beautiful on light colored walls. Gallery Wrap - This is the perfect style for a true art gallery appearance. With Gallery Wrap, the image is stretched across the sides of the 1.5" inch wood frame for a fluid effect. It is important to note that some of the image will get lost when you choose this style option. Why are canvas prints so popular? No matter if they come in rolled or
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