Benefits Of Cisco 's Strategic Alliances

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1. Cisco Systems has a network of component suppliers, distributors, and contract manufacturers that are linked through Cisco’s extranet. When a customer orders a Cisco product at Cisco’s Web site, the order triggers contracts to manufacturers of printed circuit board assemblies when appropriate and alerts distributors and component suppliers. Cisco’s contract manufacturers are aware of the order because they can log on to Cisco’s extranet and link up with Cisco’s own manufacturing execution systems. a) Explain the advantages of Cisco’s strategic alliances?(3 marks) The advantages of Cisco’s Strategic Alliances are as follows 1. There is a extranet bonding of cisco with its contractors who provide the circuit boards which in turn help the supply of products accurately and quickly as its linked to the suppliers. 2. Cost reduction and increase in the organisation’s profit. 3. Increase in the production by the use of communication and the information technology together. 2.Using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), explain why adopting information systems strategy might be easier in a ‘Flat’ organization in comparision with a ‘Hierarcical’ organization (2 marks) Technology Acceptance Model is a hypothesis of data framework system and it is generally used to quantify the enthusiasm of the individuals who acknowledges the utilization of new technology. These are generally measured with the aides of the specialists experience, age gathering and this likewise checks the

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