Benefits Of Coal As An Energy Source Essay

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Executive Summary:
Coal is a fossil fuel that is heavily relied upon around the world as a source of electricity generation. Coal, a substance consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur, is created through a natural process consisting of decayed plants that compress under moist conditions for millions of years to become the coal used today. The use of coal as an energy source was responsible for the success of the industrial revolution and was thrust to the forefront of energy generation becoming a dominant fossil fuel. Coal is burned to create steam which in turn spins a turbine to produce the electricity that powers large percentages of multiple nations. Coal has had a long history in the United States as well as globally due to coal’s abundance in the America’s as well as places such as China and India. In comparison to other fossil fuels, coal is the most widely available fuel source and the cheapest available energy source to produce electricity. Coal is mined through two methods: strip and underground mines. Both types of mines cause various environmental issues in the land surrounding mines as well as altering the atmosphere and influencing global warming. The extraction phase of coal mining has the ability to potentially cause soil erosion, alter animal and plant life, pollute groundwater, destroy farmable land, and block streams and rivers. The production phase of coal creates a harmful toxic waste slurry and can cause coal fires in storage areas…
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