Benefits Of College Finances

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College Finances

(How much college can really cost)

College, a wonderful school that provides education after high school. Many jobs prefer that you go to college and get a degree so that you look better for the job, or that you can prove that you can do the job required. Jobs usually hire a person that has a college degree more offer than they will with a person that just has their high school diploma. The college graduate also is more likely to get paid more fast than if some one just graduated high school then goes into the workforce. Only one problem comes from college, this is that it is expensive. High schooling and below are all free, but college cost money of the precious education that they provide. Three major groups that require
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Depending on the state that the college is located from the state that you live, helps determine how much tuition the student has to pay. If the college is in the same state that you live in then you can get the in state tuition fee which cost a little less than the out of state tuition fee. This is true for the University of Wyoming which the in-state tuition fee is about four-thousand eight-hundred ninety-one dollars and the out of state tuition fee is about fifteen-thousand six-hundred thirty-one dollars. Even though the in-state tuition fee if cheaper it is still very expensive. To help pay for this many students try and get scholarships which help the student pay for college. Wyoming’s big scholarship is the Hathaway Scholarship which pays about one-thousand to two-thousand dollars depending on what category of the scholarship the student falls…show more content…
All three are over a thousand dollars which to a student that is used to school being free, except for the occasional lunch and book fees. Luckily there is a way that all of the expenses do not have to come out of the student’s pocket and that is through the use of scholarships and financial aid, which pay the colleges so that the student does not have to pay over twenty grand just to go to school. Scholarships depend on the student more and what grades he gets in high school, maybe even ACT or SAT scores. While the financial aid more depends on what the parents are
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