Benefits Of Creating A Smoke Free Campus

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Many changes have been made in and around the campus and city that create Bowling Green, Ohio. The city and university are constantly pursuing ways to become friendlier towards the environment. Some of the most recent changes include the simplified recycling stream, and the portioning advice that is around the dining halls. All of these changes are in pursuit of creating a ‘green’ campus and all around better place for the student and faculty to thrive in. One of the most prominent and influential changes that the campus is making is the switch to a relatively smoke-free campus. A smoke-free campus is something that most campuses around the country are in line to make a change to. There are many benefits to creating a smoke-free university with only a few of them being that it dramatically helps in stopping first-time smokers, it would eliminate any unnecessary waste around campus, and it also helps promote a healthier community as a whole.
Ever since the University launched its ‘Clean Air Policy’ in January, campus officials have seen positive results from the community. According to an article written by Kendra Clark in follow-up to the recent change, she states that the change has positively affected the community. In the article Vice President of Student Affairs, Jill Carr, talks about it being a “community Approach” and that it can only reach its full potential if students are willing to ‘politely enforce’ it outside of the designated smoking zones that have been
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