Benefits Of Credit Where Credit Is Due

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I usually try to do the right thing when no one is looking and I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. I was lucky to have completed my basic education, which was facilitated by a handful of those I hold personally responsible. I learn from watching other and by making mistakes, and so far I have learned quite a bit. Through the haze of my adolescence and young adult life, it is difficult for me to decide whether or not my schooling was worthwhile and effective. There are a few moments I recall that help me recap what I know so far. One day during my freshman year of high school a teacher said something to me that I have been trying to consider ever since. It should be noted at this time during my secondary education I was…show more content…
The first feelings that came over me were those of guilt and embarrassment and they were appropriate at the time. This was a school and neighborhood that represented the minority, and for that academic year white students made up roughly four percent of the student body. There was little discussion relating to the question after it was asked, and I felt better after confirming with my classmates the the mutual offense taken by what was said. I did not feel guilty because I related to what he said but because that was how he felt himself, and I tried to think of what could have happened to him to cause him to think way but I never asked him about it. Four and a half years after my confrontation with Mr. Garrett I was in a different situation entirely; I had graduated high school with a passable effort and I held very little general ambition. There were also other factors at play in my life at the time which further complicated my goals of obtaining my next academic certificate. After reaching a point of certain failure, I decided to take whatever victory I could find and started working in a bar run by a character named Biehler. My experience there was diverse and highly valuable, and I added many items to my repertoire by the end of my stint. Biehler originally hired me to clean up the glasses and empty beer containers, a position which leaves much to be desired. When I started, I did not
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