Benefits Of Cuddle Care : Early Skin And Skin Contact

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Advantages of Cuddle Care
Early skin-to-skin contact (SSC) begins ideally at birth and involves placing the naked newborn, covered across the back with a warm blanket, prone on the mother’s bare chest. According to mammalian neuroscience, “The intimate contact inherent in this place (habitat) evokes neurobehaviors ensuring fulfillment of basic biological needs. This time may represent a psychophysiology (which is the way the body and mind work together) ‘sensitive period’ for programing future behavior” (Moore R 1).
Early skin-to-skin contact for mothers and their healthy newborn infants will reduce the the baby’s crying, improves the mother to baby interactions, keeps the baby warmer, and helps the mother breastfeed successfully
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It had been noted that in industrialized societies, hospital routines may disrupt early development and have harmful effects on the newborn.
Moore conducted 30 studies including 1,925 mothers and their babies. The study showed that the babies interacted more with their mothers, stayed warmer and cried less. These babies were more likely to be breastfed and to breastfeed for longer, if they had early skin-to-skin contact. These babies were also more likely to have a good early relationship with their mother, but that is difficult to measure. There was another study conducted with eleven women, their ages vary from 23 to 38. All of these women are having a cesarean birth. Of these eleven women there are eleven babies. The babies took between five to eight minutes to achieve skin-to-skin contact with their mother; and the duration of the time was between 12 to 62 minutes. The main theme that came from this experiment was “mutual caregiving.’ The term ‘mutual caregiving’ refers to the infant 's deep emotional connection to its primary caregiver, which is often the mother. This is a tie that bonds them together and when the infant is in contact with the caregiver the infant will feel joy, comfort and safety. In rodent studies, the pups who had the least attentive contact from their mothers were the ones whose health and

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