Benefits Of Digital Branding At The World 's New Technologies For Businesses

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In today’s era of technology we are living in a brand saturated world, for a brand to stand out and be successful. A Brand is defined as what people feel about the company, the products and service. The world’s new technologies for businesses have distinctly simplified the relationship between brands and their customers. According to theorists the suggested that the benefits of digital branding include increased development competence, reduced density and costs as well as enhanced statistics integration and innovation for businesses to be successful ( Chaffey, 2009) This is exemplified by so many successful brands such as Apple, Samsung etc., which facilitates their business to adapt to online/digital branding in order to achieve…show more content…
The author is going to have a critical analysis on Brands and branding in the Digital era, how to build Brands via Social Media and also give emphasis to the impact of Online Brand Communities and how the Social Web will be able to reinstate trust in Brands. The digital era and online branding will help construct a successful brand for businesses by emerging applicable strategies. The dissertation aims to investigate more on the real-life examples drawn from different marketing industries , and the author is going to critically evaluate and enlighten why there are some brands that are being challenged to become accustomed to the online/digital era and why, in some cases, it has directed to the end of some the well reputable brands exclusively. The goal is also to explore and then illuminate why there are brands finding it difficult to adapt to the online or digital era and how the digital branding is generating competitive advantage for businesses and whether it has an impact on businesses or not.(Jonah Berger and Katherine L Milkman,2012) . The author is going to emphasize on numerous digital brand analysis such as Mckinsey’s Analysis and Strategies. The aim for the study is to investigate traditional vs Digital Marketing, focus on what is Digital Branding, how Digital Marketing works, the tools that are used for Digital Marketing, also focus on the procedures used in the
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