Benefits Of Discovery Or Pillagery

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Discovery or Pillagery

America, probably one of the most important discoveries to be recorded in the history of mankind. But why is this discovery of new land, known resources and unknown resources. When Columbus made landfall in 1492 it created a huge domino effect of consequences that we study right to this day. On a voyage to discover a route to the West Indies, he mistakenly found the Americas, and in turn because he had thought he had found the Indies he called the natives “Indians. This discovery of the Americas is so important because it opened more space for expansion, introduced new crops and trades and led to mass genocide of Native Americans.

The major benefits of the Voyage that Columbus had taken was the Europeans acquired land, when natives moved to a different location between seasons. Europeans had thought that they didn’t want the land anymore and so they fenced in the area creating a barrier. And when the Native Americans returned, they would be greeted
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But the biggest trade was with fur, they would trade iron cook wear and metal tools. The furs they would make into coats, hats and boots and be sold in the “motherland” and to whom would buy the products. With this trade system the European have now two commodities from the new world. But with more profit from the new world came greed, and with greed came hostility.

The hostility toward the Native Americans also had a piggyback of diseases. The native’s immune system had never come in contact with any disease until the continuous interaction with the Europeans. Smallpox and influenza had been carried over on the sail to the new world and it had a devastating results, the deaths of men, women and children unable to fight the foreign germs. And because of their weak immune system Native Americans had suffered a devastating decrease of the
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