Benefits Of Diversity And Inclusion

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Introduction Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in today’s business world. While treating individuals fairly and equally is a social imperative, it is also extremely important to the success of a business. With the changing demographics of society and its affect on the American workforce, organizations must truly embrace diversity and inclusion. “For companies to succeed in the global marketplace, they must make the most of the full range of their people. Companies must attract and retain the right skills, the best minds, all the required resources – and that means diversity” (Royal Bank of Canada, n.d.). There are a number of compelling reasons companies should adopt the core values of diversity and inclusion. This paper sets out to…show more content…
He states that, “creativity [is] people who care enough to keep thinking about something until they find the simplest way to do it. They keep thinking about something until they find the best way to do it…everybody in our company is responsible to be innovative” (as cited in Tyrangiel, 2012). By cultivating and valuing a diverse workforce, Apple has become the type of organization to develop entirely new lines of products in a single day and enjoy profits from products that did not exist sixty days ago (Tyrangiel, 2012). Another part of Apple’s diversity initiative is their partnership with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT). Through this partnership, Apple is helping introduce and encourage women to join the technology industry through the Aspirations in Computing program, which serves to “give support, scholarships, and career opportunities to young women,” (Inclusion & Diversity, n.d.). While this may seem like an altruistic program, Apple stands to benefit from this partnership. By engaging young women in the tech industry to further their knowledge and careers, Apple is enlarging their pool of talented employment candidates. In an industry marked by who is the greatest innovator, being a key facilitator in creating the next pool of highly talented and capable employees, just sets Apple up to tap this workforce in the future. Apple’s diversity initiatives also help to make it a leader in the mobile
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