Benefits Of Diversity And Inclusion

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Introduction Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in today’s business world. While treating individuals fairly and equally is a social imperative, it is also extremely important to the success of a business. With the changing demographics of society and its affect on the American workforce, organizations must truly embrace diversity and inclusion. “For companies to succeed in the global marketplace, they must make the most of the full range of their people. Companies must attract and retain the right skills, the best minds, all the required resources – and that means diversity” (Royal Bank of Canada, n.d.). There are a number of compelling reasons companies should adopt the core values of diversity and inclusion. This paper sets out to discuss the benefits of diversity practices as demonstrated in a Fortune 500 organization in addition to diversity’s impact on organizational and team success.
Three Benefits Apple Gains Through Their Diversity Practices Apple, the technology tycoon seen in industries from cell phones, to computers, to television viewing platforms, prides itself on the innovation and creativity created by its diverse workforce. When an organization adopts values of diversity and inclusion and leverages those values to its benefit, they “can stimulate creativity and innovation” through the “different perspectives” offered by diverse employees (Robinson & Dechant, 1997). According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple’s innovation and creativity is founded in the…

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