Benefits Of Drinking Water Desalination

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Hello everyone, this is Mohammed Uddin. I am a sophomore at Penn State Brandywine. Today I am going to talk about how the ocean water is desalinated to drinking water. Desalination, or what is commonly known as desalting, is a process which removes salt and other impurities from seawater to produce fresh water. Many countries are using desalination as of way to have more reliable fresh water. Some of the countries that are currently using desalination plants are Algeria, Aruba, Australia, United Arab emirates, United kingdom, United States.[3] The process involves forcing water molecules through semipermeable membranes, much like a filter in a coffee maker, to remove salts and other impurities such as minerals and bacterials. In 1791 Thomas …show more content…

However, there are some parts of the world that have limited accessibility to fresh water because of things like droughts. For example, in the chapter entitled “The Yuck Factor” in the book called The Big Thirst, Murray Valley, Australia was severely impacted by the droughts.[1] In recents years, Australians have faced the lowest amount of rainfall in in last few decades. As a result of low rainfalls and harsh droughts people produced less crops, and used less water to fulfill their daily needs. Therefore, in 2010 Australians developed their first desalination plant in Perth. As of today, 150 countries around the world have followed Australia's example and get some portion of their drinking water supply from seawater desalination plants.[1]
Currently, according to International Desalination Association as of October 17th, 2016, there are 18,426 desalination plants operating around the world.[3] Although …show more content…

When nature limits our accessibility to water by droughts, we face no other choice but to turn toward the oceans for water. In that case we have to desalinate ocean water in order to purify it. The two most commonly known methods for desalination used around the world are Reverse Osmosis and Vapor Compression Desalination. We may take these two advancements in technology for granted in our daily lives and overuse the constantly flowing water. We need to take into consideration the amount of energy and effort required to purify water using these two processes. As the population grows in the drought areas the need for producing desalinated water is also going to increase, as

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