Benefits Of Dual Language Bilingual Education

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A dual language bilingual education strategy is usually employed in public schools. Typically the minority language students and the majority language students are evenly distributed throughout the classrooms. Both languages are used for instruction with evenly distributed 50/50 time. One teacher shall instruct with the home language while other instruction is in English. The two teachers work collaboratively through all the lessons. Since these students are in mainstream education, it is no surprise that most students prefer to use English the majority language. The goals of a dual language program are to develop high levels of proficiency of the first language then subsequently the second language. Consequently, it is desired to…show more content…
The bilingual education programs in the United States have a long history despite an ongoing battle. The goal of bilingual education has been focused on two areas of assimilation and integration. Bilingual education programs help immigrant children to learn English and adopt American culture. Under social and political preferences, most of the schools use transitional bilingual education but with English only. As a result, the students’ home languages, culture are devalued in the schools. Students learn English while at the expense of losing their first language. Despite much research bilingual education is not fairly recognized by the public. However in fact when a bilingual education program “supported the minority language were consistently superior in various outcomes.” Case closed, bilingual education programs should be properly administered with the requisite support needed. We still wish to look at some further benefits though. Students who are given instruction in their home language helps them to catch up to their English speaking peers in subjects such as English language art, reading, and mathematics. Bilingual education students do better than the English-only instructed students overall. Bilingual education is more effective than English-only monolingual education. Actually, by using the students’ first language in school this does not interfere
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