Benefits Of Effective Leadership For The Organizational Performance And Satisfaction Of Employees

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2- Taking self-assessments allow for recognition and understanding concerning one-self and the qualities possessed. Various approaches to leadership, decision-making, and personality traits greatly influence communication, motivation and management abilities within an organization. These skills can be learned and enhanced. Understanding how these styles impact others can empower leaders to increase organizational performance and create an improved work environment. Great leaders have impacted our societies and organizations. They have shared necessary guidelines for increasing leadership skills.

Slide 3- My preferred leadership style is transformational leadership, which has been acknowledged as a style capable of creating advantages for an organization. Setting a good example, clearly communicating goals and expectations, creating loyalty and group cohesiveness, and providing inspiration and motivation are all aims of a transformational leader (Muchtar & Qamariah, 2014). The benefits of effective leadership improve the organizational performance and satisfaction of employees.

Slide 4- Change has been the constant in my life and through this challenge I have learned to be adaptable and comfortable with change. Married to an active duty military member has moved us over eight times in the last fifteen years, with two of those locations being overseas. I have learned how to integrate into various societies and cultures, which has strengthened my understanding…
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