Benefits Of Effective Protection Measures For Small Business

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Every business from small to big the information security has become a risk factor which has put all business in a verse of serous risk. On this paper we will be more focused general explanation of the business need for information security, confidentiality, integrity, availability, non-repudiation, authentication, and authorization. This policy, which is listed in paper, can be mitigating denial of service (DOS), which can lead several losses in small business. Finally costs and benefits of effective protection measure which provides a protection measures for small business.
A business trend has been changing and adapting new technology to enhance the business success but also this new technology put public information in a high risk. According to the video there are some 26 million small businesses which attention to the dangers of cyber crime. The private personal information (PPI) such as electronic commerce social security number, account number, User Ids, Payroll, Internet Transactions, passport number, employee databases home address, credit card, etc. are in risk. The information security should meet many purposes such as protecting people information, unauthorized access, disclosure, and any kind of modification. Moreover, information security also provides defines the company consensus baseline stance on security; help minimize risk; and help track compliance with regulations and legislation (Diver, 2006). According to Chris Duckett more than 65% of transaction…
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